Payment Plans

At signup, two months payments are due and a one year contract is signed. Monthly payments thereafter are done automatically through auto-debit from a checking account or billing to an authorized credit card.

Cancellation of your contract requires a 30-day notice. Your participation will stop at the end of the 30-day notice. You may still receive services at our clinic by paying the cost of each service at the time it is rendered as is the case with any walk in patient.

If you are participating as an employee of an employer group and the contract is cancelled due to employer nonpayment we will provide you the opportunity to participate as an individual or as a family.

Selection one of the Plans below for more details.

Personal Plan

Business Plan

Cancellation of Contract
This contract is for one year. The contract may be cancelled by either party with a 30-day notice from the first of the next month. If your employer cancels the contract, we will allow you the opportunity to continue as an individual or family subscriber.

Once a policy is cancelled, there is a 6 month wait to sign up again.