Business Benefits

Truly Affordable Health Care For Business And Employees
A New Benefit Option
At last, small and mid-sized businesses can offer employees a health care benefit that is affordable for families and individuals. Primary Care One is a clinic-based health care program that allows you to pay for your preventive, primary and urgent care provided by Doctors Urgent Care in Wheeling with one low monthly payment. There are no claim forms, copayments or pre-authorizations.

Pre-existing conditions accepted
Workers’ compensation cases accepted – initial visit only

Single: $90.00 / monthly

Family: $130.00 / monthly

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Care Your Employees Need
For anyone who is uninsured, this option could make it easier to seek the preventive, primary and urgent care everyone needs. Services provided include:

  • Annual physical after 6 months enrollment
  • X-rays
  • Primary care provider visits
  • Generic formulary
  • Blood work
  • Urgent care
  • Health counseling
  • And much more

Low Cost And Easy To Use
Primary Care One is health care that’s low cost and easy to use for small business owners, and employees!

  • Preventive, primary and urgent care
  • No claim forms
  • No copayments
  • No pre-authorizations

Affordable Benefits Now
Are you and your employees worried about how much it will cost you to see a primary care provider? Don’t Be. With Primary Care One, it’s only $90.00 monthly if you are an individual or $130.00 monthly for a family for unlimited visits at Doctors Urgent Care in Wheeling.

For more information on pre-paid medical services by Primary Care One, visit us online or call today.

  • Pre-existing conditions accepted
  • Workers’ compensation cases accepted- initial visit only